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Calumet acquired Anchor in 2014. Anchor is the largest independent drilling fluids company in the United States and has provided customized drilling fluid solutions, specialty products and well-site services for over 40 years. Anchor is focused on providing innovative products and exceptional customer service in order to optimize drilling efficiencies in each of the most active U.S. conventional and unconventional basins.

In order to deliver what the customer needs when they need it, Anchor owns the largest private transport fleet in the drilling fluids business; has 25 locations strategically positioned throughout the U.S.; and operates custom product blending, manufacturing and research facilities.

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Anchor Drilling Fluids


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Anchor Drilling Fluids

2431 E. 61st Street Suite 710
Tulsa, OK 74136

Location Information

Facility: Blending
More than 30 facilities throughout the United States.

Synthetic, industrial and commercial lubricating oils.

Applications: Drilling fluids, drilling muds, completion fluids, production fluids, and environmental chemicals