karns city

Our facility located in Karns City, Pennsylvania and acquired in 2008 produces white mineral oils, petrolatums, solvents, gelled hydrocarbons, cable fillers and natural petroleum sulfonates.

The Calumet Karns City Refining facility has aggregate feedstock throughput capacity of approximately 5,500 bpd.

Calumet Karns City Refining

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Address & Contact

Calumet Karns City Refining

138 Petrolia St
Karns City, PA 16041



Location Information

Facility: Refinery/Production

Capacity: 5,500 bpd

Feedstock: Base oils, unfinished waxes

Supply: Tank truck and railcar

Products: Petrolatums, white mineral oils, solvents, gelled hydrocarbons, cable fillers, petroleum sulfonates

Major Processes: Hydrotreating, acid treating, filtering, fractionation and blending, packaging

Product Delivery: Tank truck, railcar