Calumet Specialty Products

Calumet San Antonio Refining - San Antonio, Texas

Calumet San Antonio Refining has crude oil throughput capacity of approximately 14,500 barrels per day. 

The refinery currently produces ultra-low sulfur diesel, jet fuel, specialty solvents, reformates, naphtha, and vacuum gas oil.

There is approximately 200 thousand  barrels of storage capacity and approximately 200 thousand barrels of crude oil storage capacity at a crude oil terminal located in Elmendorf, Texas.  

Calumet San Antonio Refining

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Address & Contact

Calumet San Antonio Refining

7811 S Presa St
San Antonio, TX 78223

Location Information

Facility: Refinery/Production

Capacity: 14,500 bpd

Feedstock: Paraffinic crude oil (Eagle Ford)

Supply: Tank truck to pipeline

Products: Diesel, jet fuel, specialty solvents and other fuel products

Major Processes: Hydrotreating, catalytic reforming and solvents distillation

Delivery: Tank truck and railcar