Base Oils

Consistent Refinement. Unsurpassed Performance.

Calumet offers an extensive product line of naphthenic and paraffinic base oils that meet your unique needs.

With a prowess for processing feedstocks into high-quality specialty hydrocarbon products, Calumet is your partner for customized naphthenic and paraffinic stocks and oils. Calumet has over 30 years of experience manufacturing base oils and our quality-control practices regarding crude oil selection and subsequent refining processes ensure consistent uniformity and performance. Our extensive product line of naphthenic and paraffinic stocks are engineered to meet numerous requirements.

HYDROCAL™ Naphthenic Base Oils

The HYDROCAL refining process selectively saturates large cyclical aromatic subgroups, which result in the production of very high-quality, stable base stocks.

CALSOL™ Process Oils

These specialty process oils are refined from a select blend of crude oil using a state-of-the-art, multistage hydrogenation process.

CALTRAN™ Electrical Insulating Oils

Our line of transformer oils are available in six grades and provide excellent dielectric properties, high thermal stability and good oxidation resistance.

Calumet RO Refrigeration Oils

These mineral oils are specifically designed for air conditioning and refrigeration compressors.

CALPAR™ Paraffinic Base Oils

Our CALPAR products are manufactured using select paraffinic crude streams and are ideal across a broad range of industrial and automotive applications.

CALPRO™ Hybrid Process Oils

These custom-blended paraffinic/naphthenic oils are designed to deliver specific chemical and physical properties to meet customer requirements.

ORCHEX® Agricultural Spray Oil

ORCHEX is a proven and safe weapon in combating a broad range of insects, diseases, and weeds that impact crop production and profitability.

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