Naphthenic Base Oils



HYDROCAL™ naphthenic base stocks are produced exclusively by Calumet using a multi-stage hydrotreating process operating at pressures above 2500 psi. This process offers the unique ability to produce naphthenic base stocks that meet currently established performance standards as well as standards to be developed in the future.

  • Over 30 years of history manufacturing naphthenic base stocks
  • Broad range of viscosities available from 38 SUS @ 100°F to Bright Stock
  • HYDROCAL products pass the IP346 Standard
  • Meets FDA 21 CFR 178.3620(c) requirements

The HYDROCAL refining process selectively saturates large cyclical aromatic subgroups which result in the production of very high-quality, stable base stocks. The HYDROCAL product line passes the IP346 Standard and does not require labeling as carcinogenic under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Further quality control practices that Calumet implements on crude oil selection and subsequent refining processes assure consistent uniformity and product performance.

HYDROCAL naphthenic base oils are ideal across a broad range of industrial applications including:

Metalworking Fluids
Heat Transfer Fluids
Hydraulic Oils

Compressor Oils
Gear Oils
Aviation Hydraulic Fluids

Cutting Oils
Automatic Transmission Fluids

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