Refrigeration Mineral Oils

Calumet RO


Calumet offers a full line of mineral refrigeration oils and polyol ester (POE) refrigeration lubricants designed specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Calumet RO mineral refrigeration oils are available in four popular grades and are produced from high-quality base stocks using a customized hydrotreating process.

  • OEM approved
  • Excellent chemical characteristics
  • Performs well over a wide temperature range
  • Low wax content and low pout point helps facilitate oil return
  • Typically used with traditional CFCs and HCFCs refrigerant systems

CalEster™ high-performance POE industrial lubricants for refrigeration applications are formulated for outstanding equipment protection and extended oil life. Additional CalEster™ base stocks for aviation, industrial, and automotive applications are available from Calumet.

Calumet can custom blend to meet specific customer requirements.

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