Calumet Corporate Responsibility

A Commitment to Protecting the Environment

Calumet is dedicated to being accountable for continuous improvement, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Calumet’s efforts to prioritize and protect the environment are focused on tracking and reducing energy consumption and air emissions, water management, and conservation as well as waste management.

As a result of Calumet’s investment and continuous improvement efforts in these four areas over the past several years, while overall production has remained steady, air emissions (greenhouse gases) and non-hazardous waste generation have decreased during the same time period.

Letter from our CEO

At Calumet, we care about our employees, our environment, and the communities in which we live and work. In this open letter, Calumet’s CEO Steve Mawer gives an update on our Corporate Responsibility progress made during 2020.

Environmental Advocacy

At Calumet, we intend to be an efficient and reliable operator while also being environmentally responsible. Being at the forefront of technological advances means that, over the years, we have developed numerous products that focus on quality, safety, and biodegradability.

Operational Excellence

Providing a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound workplace and community is a top priority at Calumet. Our policy is to protect the health and safety of people; preserve the quality of the environment; and to conduct our operations reliably, safely, and efficiently.

Group of people working around a table.

Social Responsibility

Calumet is committed to providing a work environment in which all employees are treated fairly and with respect. We encourage diversity within our workforce and have an inclusive environment that helps each of us to fully participate in and contribute to Calumet’s success.

Ethics and Governance

The cornerstone of Calumet’s Compliance & Ethics Program is our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Our Code documents our commitment to high ethical standards, and all employees are required to annually acknowledge their commitment to comply with the Code.

Our Specialty Products and Solutions team worked with Million Meal Movement to pack more than 5,000 meals!

Calumet's Giving Guidelines

At Calumet, we care about the communities where we live and work. We strive to be a responsible part of the community that contributes to the greater good through charitable giving, volunteerism and employment opportunities. See our giving guidelines to apply for support, donations, or sponsorships.

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