Finished Lubricants & Chemicals

Calumet’s Finished Lubricants and Chemicals division manufacturers finished lubricants, chemicals, and engineered fuel products available direct to consumers through our premium global brands and private labels. Our brands offer a differentiated, value-added product line up and premier services to our partners worldwide that include premium synthetic motor oils and lubricants to industrial oils and greases to precision-engineered premixed fuels.

Bel-Ray® is a leading developer, manufacturer, and international distributor of high-performance lubricants and greases used in a comprehensive range of aerospace, food, industrial, marine, military, mining, and powersports applications. For more than 70 years, Bel-Ray continues to proudly manufacture all of its products in the United States. These locally-made products by skilled professionals have traveled the globe and beyond. Bel-Ray lubricants have serviced submarines, weathered chilling arctic cold, defied harsh desert dust and heat, raced to championships wins and even traveled to the moon.

Royal Purple® develops and manufactures a wide variety of outperforming premium synthetic lubricants for most industrial, automotive, commercial, and racing applications. The high-quality products produced by Royal Purple® are formulated using proprietary SYNERLEC® additive technology and designed to deliver the highest levels of protection and performance. For more than 30 years, Royal Purple premium synthetic motor oil and synthetic lubricants have been designed to improve performance in all conditions and provide cleaner operation, better mileage and decreased oil change frequency. With options available for most automotive, industrial, marine, motorcycle and racing applications, Royal Purple is the obvious choice to maximize performance.

TruFuel® is a high performance, ethanol-free engineered fuel that is precisely mixed using the most advanced synthetic lubricant and performance-enhancing additives available. Unlike pump gas that can break down after just 30 days, TruFuel® remains fresh for years. TruFuel® is convenience, protection, and performance for small engines. TruFuel is precision-engineered premixed fuel with synthetic lubricants and advanced stabilizers that are specially made for your 2-cycle and 4-cycle outdoor power equipment. Our high-octane ethanol-free fuel protects your investment, saves you time, and helps your equipment run the way you need it to. TruFuel – STOP MIXING. START WORKING!