Paraffinic Oils


CALPAR™ paraffinic base stocks are produced exclusively by Calumet and manufactured using select paraffinic crude streams. This process offers the unique ability to produce paraffinic base stocks that meet currently established performance standards as well as standards to be developed in the future.

  • Over 30 years of history manufacturing paraffinic base stocks
  • Broad range of viscosities available from 40 SUS @ 100°F to Bright Stock

CALPAR™ 4GIII, the newest addition to the CALPAR product line, is a VHVI oil engineered to meet the API requirements for Group III base oil.

CALPAR™ paraffinic base stocks are ideal across a broad range of industrial and automotive applications including:

Hydraulic Oils
Heavy Duty Lubricants
Transmission Fluids

Passenger Car Engine Oils
Process oils

In addition to the specialty oils highlighted above, Calumet’s technical experts and in-house product development groups can customize high-quality specialty hydrocarbon products to meet your specific requirements across a wide range of applications including:

  • Shock & Strut Oils
  • Low-Temperature Oils
  • VI Improver Oils
  • Raven Oils

Calumet can custom blend to meet specific customer requirements

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