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Napthenic Process Oils


CALSOL™ naphthenic process oils are produced exclusively by Calumet using a multi-stage hydrotreating process operating at pressures above 2500 psi. This process offers the unique ability to produce process oils that meet currently established performance standards for a variety of applications across the Rubber, Metalworking, and Adhesive industries. CALSOL™ naphthenic process oils are available in two series and exhibit common key characteristics.
  • Meets FDA 21 CFR 178.3620(c) requirements
  • All CALSOL products pass the IP346 Standard
  • Does not require labeling as a carcinogen under OSHA Hazard Communications Standard
  • Compatible with natural and synthetic elastomers and their additives
  • Wide range of available chemistries allow custom formulation to meet specific needs


CALSOL™ 8 Series process oils have been optimized to align with current industry standards and offer optimum compatibility and performance in elastomeric rubber applications.
  • High VGC level
  • Very low aniline points
  • Very low polar compounds level at high clay gel aromatics level
  • Excellent color stability without sacrificing elastomer compatibility


CALSOL™ 5 Series oils are light-colored, nonstaining naphthenic oils that combine excellent initial color and and long term stability with intermediate levels of aromatic and naphthenic molecular structures. CALSOL™ 5 Series oils are an ideal choice whenever the balance of hardness and color stability is critical. Radial & styrene block elastomers & thermoplastics benefit from this technology.
  • High level of color stability
  • High resistance to aging and color degradation
  • Low level of UV absorptivity
  • Compatible with unsaturated synthetic polymers

Which oil is right for your requirements?

Calumet can custom blend to meet specific customer requirements

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