Calumet Specialty Waxes Overview

Calumet produces waxes as a by-product from the refinement of lubricant base oils in Shreveport, LA.  Based on the viscosities of the lube cuts, refined waxes are produced which have application into all the main areas of wax consumption including candles, boxboard saturation and coating, hot melt adhesives, rubber and PVC processing, personal care, crayons, polishes, board emulsions and many more.

As a refiner of crude oil with solvent extraction processing, Calumet is one of only three producers in North America that begin with crude and finish waxes to a fully refined state.  This capability allows Calumet to be a reliable and quality supplier to the market, whereas today, upwards of 40% of the US wax market is dependent on imported wax.

With refined wax production of 150M pounds per year, Calumet offers a broad spectrum of petroleum waxes as:

  • Fully Refined Paraffin
  • Scale Wax
  • Slack Wax
  • Soft Wax
  • Unfinished Petrolatum
  • Finished Petrolatum
  • Micro-crystalline Wax
  • Waxy Vacuum Tower Bottoms

Calumet also has wax production capability at our Penreco white oil and petrolatum processing plant in Karns City, Pa.  (Karns City is located one hour north of Pittsburgh, PA.)  Karns City produces select waxes for specific uses in candles, personal care, chewing gum base and coatings among others.  With enhanced blending and formulation capabilities, Karns City is able to deliver customized products for those customers with more specific requirements.

Packaged waxes are offered and prepared on the outside via qualified and reliable facilities within the U.S.  Either direct from these facilities or via our Dallas, TX warehouse, Calumet can deliver waxes from full truck or container loads to one-pallet quantities.


Specialty Wax Blend

  • Candles

Paraffin Wax

  • Crayons
  • PVC
  • Waterproofing treatments