Aliphatic Solvents

Our solvent line consists of both hydrotreated and straight distillate solvents produced from domestic local crude. Selective fractionation begins at 82°F through 600°F with product ranging from Hexane to Heptanes to Mineral Spirits to Mineral Seal Oil.

We offer the following products in the Calumet line:

Calumet HP IsoHexane
Calumet Hexane
Calumet 150-190 <1%
Calumet 180-210 <1%
Calumet 195-208 <1%
Calumet 200-230 <1%
Calumet 210-245 <1%
Calumet VM&P <1%

Calumet Mineral Spirits
Calumet Mineral Spirits <1%
Calumet 300-360 <1%
Calumet 142 Flash <1%
Calumet LVP 100
Calumet LVP 200
Calumet LVP 300
Calumet 600 Solvent

Calumet Conosol 145
Calumet Conosol 170
Calumet Conosol 170ES
Calumet Conosol 200
Calumet Conosol 215
Calumet Conosol 260
Calumet Conosol 340

Aliphatic Solvents are ideal across a broad range of applications including:

Camping Fuel
Starting Fluid

Charcoal Lighter Fluids
SCAQMD Charcoal Lighter Fluid

Cleaning Agents
Household & Industrial Cleaners

  Specially Formulated For Your Application Needs