Specialty Oils

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Customizable formulations. Groundbreaking technology. Comprehensive expertise from start to finish. That’s Penreco®.

The Penreco product lines of Versagel®, Versastique™, petrolatums, and mineral oils are used in numerous cosmetic and personal care applications found in lip, baby, hand, hair and sun care products. Each product line is available in multiple viscosity ranges and is suitable for a wide variety of personal care formulations.

For more than 100 years, Penreco has specialized in niche product blending to meet customer-specific requirements. We’re proud to offer safe, stable products that provide a moisturizing agent as well as a gel structure for ease of formulation.

VERSAGEL® Performance Gels

Versagel® technology is based on an innovative patented system for thickening and gelling hydrocarbon materials. Versagel® products are clear, colorless, hydrophobic, thermally reversible, and without syneresis.

VERSASTIQUE™ Semi-Solid Gels

The Versastique™ product line is a multi-functional material that provides a better way to formulate through simplified creation of functional and aesthetic solid stick applications.

SYNERGEL® Industrial Gels

The Synergel® product line of single and co-polymer products is a series of mineral oil and/or solvent-based gelled technology used in a wide range of end applications from paints and coatings to household and industrial cleaners.

DRAKEOL® White Mineral Oils

White mineral oils are among the most versatile specialty products and are used in a wide variety of applications. Our White Oils of specific viscosities are refined to meet the purity specifications of the USP/NF and FDA.


Starting with the highest quality ingredients, our manufacturing process delivers high purity, extremely stable and custom natural color petrolatum products. Available in multiple viscosity ranges, we deliver customized products to meet the specific needs of today’s consumer products.

HyperTech® Compressor Lubricants

Calumet HyperTech® G3 polyethylene compressor lubricants are designed to promote energy-saving, low frictional characteristics, and good film strength to reduce wear on the elements of compressors. Specially formulated with state of the art technology to meet the pressure and lubrication needs of the compressor and the regulatory needs of the process they serve.

Custom Specialty Products

In addition to the specialty oils highlighted above, Calumet’s technical experts and in-house groups can customize high-quality specialty hydrocarbon products to meet your specific requirements across a wide range of applications including:

Trough Grease
Cable Filling Compounds
Heat Transfer Oils

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