Penreco White Oils, Petrolatums, and Synergel® are highly suitable for a number of industrial applications with specific performance characteristics.

Synergel® products are thermally reversible. Additional benefits include, neat delivery package, excellent spraying and suspension properties, gel has film-forming properties, thus enabling it spread easily in a continuous film moisture barrier, water-white appearance, and low toxicity.

Penreco offers the following Synergel® products in a variety of visocities:

Solvent & Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil

  • Synergel®BG
  • Synergel® M 1600
  • Synergel® M 500
  • Synergel® M 750
  • Synergel® MR 500
  • Synergel®PC


  • Synergel® A-200 V50
  • Synergel®LVP
  • Synergel® SA V50
  • Synergel® SC V50
  • Synergel®SF V3
  • Synergel® VMP

Industry Applications

Rolling Oils

  • Metal rolling oils
  • Mineral seal oils
  • Printing ink oils


  • Household and industrial cleaners
  • Spray Furniture Polish
  • Hand Cleaners

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