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Life at Calumet

Did you know you can find our products in the things that touch your everyday life? From your orange juice carton to the cosmetics and personal care items you use to the plastics in your kitchen appliances to ingredients for your household cleaners, parts for your car, and countless other items. At Calumet, we help make life better.

At Calumet, you’ll have big opportunities to make a difference. The company is small enough to be nimble, allowing employees to respond quickly to customer needs, new innovations, or great ideas. Every employee has the ability to make an impact on the big picture, and we work together to multiply our results. Every day is a new opportunity to solve problems, improve the quality of service and processes, and make lives better through our products.


Calumet Culture

Calumet Proud is more than just a catchphrase—it’s our culture. Calumet Proud means being inclusive and welcoming to all team members, encouraging one another and always striving for improvement. We are one team in multiple locations, working together to become the premier specialty products company in the world.

Ethics and Values

Calumet has seven core values: Safety, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration and Respect. These values guide us in our daily work, our business decisions and the way we interact with one another. To read more on our values, visit our About Calumet page.

Work/Life Balance

At Calumet, we believe maintaining a positive work/life balance is essential for the health and well-being of our team and our company. We encourage employees to prioritize this balance and communicate openly about their needs. Calumet offers employees paid time off to allow for family and personal needs.


Calumet wants employees to be able to take care of themselves and their families. To that end, we offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision and Employee Assistance Program options for all employees. Tuition reimbursement, HSA and FSA match, pet insurance and 401K matching are also available.

What Employees are Saying

  • Grace Fisher
    During my time at Calumet, I have been given the opportunity to learn about many parts of the business. This has given me the chance to find the area of the business I feel most passionate about. When I approached my supervisor about my interest in this more specialized role, without hesitation, he encouraged me to pursue it. The daily support that I receive from my supervisor and colleagues is one of the best parts of working for Calumet. With their support I have grown immensely, both professionally and personally.
    Grace Fisher
  • Jarred Provenza
    At Calumet, you can learn and experience in five years what would take you ten at another company. It’s a big company, but still small enough to be involved in many opportunities. Every day is a learning experience, and I’m excited to be a part of the Calumet team and our journey.
    Jarred Provenza
    Cotton Valley
  • Jeff DuBois
    For a small public company, Calumet utilizes complex and sophisticated methods typically seen in larger organizations. Calumet provides a unique environment that allows individuals an opportunity to get exposure to many different types of activities in the oil and gas industry. These opportunities are stimulating and challenging as they provide an experience that is not available at many companies. Calumet’s focus on continuous improvement requires individuals to incorporate past experiences and personal knowledge to strive for the most efficient and effective process. The combination of challenging, thought-provoking work, and a culture of good, hard-working people that always give their best make Calumet a place I enjoy coming to every day.
    Jeff DuBois
  • Maggie McDaniel
    At Calumet, you can learn and experience in five years what would take you ten at another company. It’s a big company, but still small enough to be involved in many opportunities. Every day is a learning experience, and I’m excited to be a part of the Calumet team and our journey.
    Maggie McDaniel

Join Our Team

At Calumet, successful careers are built by taking on real-world challenges. As well as by challenging ourselves and each other to find better ideas and ways to create value. Because we believe that continual transformation today will help us meet the needs of our customers tomorrow. Are you a challenger?.

Search Firm Guidelines

We do not accept unsolicited resumes from outside agencies or recruiters unless specifically requested by a Human Resources Representative of Calumet. We consider any resume (CV) or biography received from an agency without prior approval from an HR Representative to be unsolicited and gratuitous, and such submissions will become the property of Calumet. Agencies are requested not to contact any employee at Calumet with recruiting inquiries.

We do not consider candidates received by Calumet until they are received by an HR Representative directly from the agency after approval has been given. To request approval to work on a specific role, please send an email with the request to No identifying information of candidates, blind resumes, or profiles should be presented at that time. You will not be entitled to receive any compensation as a result of a decision by Calumet to offer employment to any such candidate unless a fee agreement is in place between Calumet and the search firm and permission has been granted to work on a specific role. We will not pay a fee to any agency that does not follow these guidelines. Questions regarding these guidelines should be directed to