Versastique™ is a multi-functional material that provides formulators a better way to formulate solid stick applications.

These solid gels are ideal for the spectrum of mineral, synthetic and naturally derived ingredients and offer excellent performance and stability features. Versastique™ can be used in numerous applications, such as under eye sticks, solid foundation sticks, and deodorant.

Why You Should Be Formulating with Versastique™


  • Compatible with a wide variety of low polarity ingredients
  • Ideal for the spectrum of mineral, synthetic and naturally derived ingredients


  • Excellent suspension properties – substantiated by high viscosity (solid stick)
  • Superior moisture delivery


  • Stabilizes and protects your active ingredients – backed up with efficient delivery system
  • Self-preserving formulation base:
    • Low moisture/low water activity
    • Resists growth/proliferation of microorganisms
    • Heat processed
    • Micro-filtered
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Versastique is milder to the skin than the soaps typically used as thickeners


  • Reduces the amount of structural material required to make a stick application


  • Easy to Formulate with
  • Efficient delivery system

Penreco offers the following Versastique™ products:

  • Versastique™ SQ 40 T – for use in anti-aging applications and more.
  • Versastique™ ML 40 T – for use in sunscreen applications and more.
  • Versastique™ ME 40 T – for use in fragrance applications and more.

Penreco specializes in NICHE PRODUCT BLENDING to meet customer specific requirements.

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